The world is transforming rapidly...

The old ways of doing business aren’t working and most teams can’t – or won’t – embrace change. This could be due to your culture. It could be your training, or it could be your strategy.

Corporate Culture SHIFT provides your teams with unique experiences that are specifically designed to entertain, challenge and engage all part of their brains – allowing you to co-create a strategy for tackling your toughest challenges.

Our innovative approach to leadership training uses story telling, experiential learning, simulations and a host of theatre techniques to enable organizations of all kinds to develop essential leadership skills within their management team resulting in maximum employee performance and engagement.

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Founder & CEO

Ken Cameron is one of Canada’s most successful playwrights and one of Calgary’s most imaginative corporate trainers and facilitators. Ken uses his creative background to design sessions that draw out all participants, especially the most introverted who rarely have the opportunity to share their thoughts. He uses his administrative experience and endless curiosity to fully understand your business so he can reframe your focus and increase your profitability. The unique combination leads to interactive and engaging sessions that result in key insights and eureka moments.

Ken has coached a number of senior business leaders, lead workshops for engaged leaders and facilitated retreats for dynamic organizations.



Corporate Culture SHIFTS workshops engage both sides of the brain because when we design a customized program for you we find ways to allow participants to learn by watching, doing, feeling AND thinking.

This active involvement results in processing information at a deeper level than mere memorization can achieve. Our techniques result in "episodic memory"  – a deeper kind of memory specific to an event. The result is a participant doesn’t have to remember an idea or technique; they can reconstruct the idea or technique from their powerful memory of the event that they physically and emotionally experienced.

In short, our dynamic experiential workshop approach makes your program objectives sticky.

There’s science behind our approach. The watching, doing, feeling and thinking we employ owes a debt Dr. Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT model. 4MAT is a framework for understanding the way people and organizations learn, communicate and evolve. It provides a common language for understanding the way individuals and groups move through the process of experiencing, assimilating, acting upon and integrating knowledge.


Corporate Culture Shift boasts a large list of satisfied customers from both the private and public sectors.

Beth Cignac

"Ken's energetic and honest approach has gained him the respect of an entire organization. He has made a series of challenging conversations easy due to his sincerity, curiosity and willingness to learn about our organization. Our project is the better for his leadership." Beth Cignac, City of Calgary

Tyler Chisholm

"Ken's workshop on leadership through persuasive presentations was stimulating and incredibly informative. The strategies and lessons Ken shared have become cornerstones in how I communicate with both clients and co-workers. I recommend it to anyone looking to inspire action versus simply imparting information." Tyler Chisholm, ClearMotive Marketing Group

Jackie Barber

“It was impressive to see Ken facilitate very unique, creative and innovative workshops while keeping connected to our business strategies and end goals. He broadened our perspective corporately by helping us see more possibilities and less barriers. Most importantly, he provoked thought and reflection on both an organizational and individual level." Jackie Barber, First Calgary Financial

Bill Gray

"Ken has an unique and highly creative approach which led to a thought provoking and innovative strategic planning session for the Stampede's Board of Directors.
The combination of Ken's artistic background and business savvy afforded a unique and engaging experience that promoted strong interaction among participants and encouraged frank and forward-thinking discussion. Ken is a talented facilitator who prepares extremely well for his assignment and as a result is able to connect closely with his audiences to support them in effectively in achieving their goals. It was a pleasure working with him" Bill Gray, Calgary Stampede

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