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That's Why We're Here: To Make a Dent in the Universe

Its easy to see why this is one of the most popular cards in the series. It seems almost everyone I meet is anxious to make an impact, in life and in work. 

Steve Jobs is credited with the saying “we’re here to put a dent in the universe – otherwise, why else even be here?” There is a great debate amongst “the followers of St. Jobs” as to whether or not he actually said it, but the debate misses the point. The quote epitomizes the exceptional corporate culture that allowed Apple to defy the world’s assumptions about what is possible.

An exceptional corporate culture is motivated by an exceptional vision. By a giant goal. By an outsized idea of WHY.

They are not motivated by incremental improvement, quarterly targets or individual sales reports. Those are just the day-to-day HOW of your business.

You need to check in with The Big WHY regularly. If a group loses focus then its time to reconfirm shared objectives. If new team members are being on-boarded then it’s vital to ensure they are in alignment with your greater goal.  If objectives or deadlines change, then it’s important that everyone be reminded of the shared purpose that calls us together, focuses our attention.

If you chose this card it suggests to me one of two things: either a) you are motivating your team with shared purpose or b) you know that shared purpose is lacking in your workplace.

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Ken Cameron

Ken Cameron is one of Canada's most successful playwrights and one of Calgary's most imaginative corporate trainers and faciliators. Ken uses his creative background to design sessions that draw aout even the most introverted participants.

As a coach and corporate trainer Ken has worked with and lead workshops for many senior business leaders and dynamic organizations.